Book Release

Entitled Touched of a Living Saint of Pietrelcina..St. Padre Pio

Written by a local resident and a volunteer at the Shrine, Joseph A Trapani

Inside facts of how and why the book was created.

One day, my friend Eubie Cardone called me and during our conversation, he asked what I was doing today. I replied that I was writing the history of the Shrine for the web-site. Then a few weeks later he asked me if I would do him a favor. Of course I said yes, if it was possible. He asked me to help him write his memoirs. He is getting up in age (early 80’s) and would like to have his encounters with Padre Pio written for his family and future generations?

I felt that this would be an easy assignment. I would put the information in outline form and put in chronological order and place in a three ring binder.

While writing the memoirs, I got the chill bumps on my arms and a thought comes in my mind to make this into a book to share these experiences with other people. Remember writing a book is not one of my ideas nor was it one of my goals. I am not that kind of writer.

Later I paused to think, where did this idea of putting this in a book come from? I have no desire to write a book.

Then I asked myself, who puts thoughts in your mind?  Does the Holy Spirit call you on the phone? Email you? Send a fax?

I felt that the Holy Spirit put this thought into my head to write this book. I wonder, why me? I am not and experienced writer. The Holy Spirit can ask any professional write to write this book. Why me?
I ponder this question many times, and the only conclusion that I can reach is that the Holy Spirit wanted to reach common people, and to do this with common words about common local people that were touched by Jesus through the powerful intercessions of St. Padre Pio.

I called 2 publishers in NYC and they wanted a lot of up front money to publish a book.  So I decided to do it myself.

I went to a local printer, he wanted a lot of money to publish and print. After I complained so much, he said that he must be paid for his work. However, if I wanted to keep my costs down I would have to do most of the work and less for him.

I can type but, I am far from being called a typist. To my surprise, I typed the entire book, scanned in all the pictures and did all the layouts.

I gave him a CD of the entire book and all he had to do was put the CD in his computer to make printing plates and run.

Yes, I had some mortal help, but I feel that I had help in my thoughts and my typing fingers that I can not explain.

My step daughter-in-law, Carmele, who is an artist and mother of five, found time to sketch the cover.  We decided that since Padre Pio lived a simple and humble life, the cover should reflect this simplicity.

The book is divided into 5 segments; (1) the true life story of Eube Cardone, (2) Miracle of Blood Relic of Padre Pio by Jacqueline Greer (3) Diane Sacco’s story of how she met Padre Pio (4) About the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ (5) Prayer book of the prayers recited every Wednesday Evening at the St. Padre Pio Prayer Group.

The proceeds from the sale of this book shall be donated to St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ.

About the book

A true life story of Eube Cardone, who as a young boy in Italy was dying of pneumonia, bronchitis and a very high fever. Read how he was saved by Padre Pio.

  • Born in Pietrelcina, Italy
  • Saved by Padre Pio
  • Met Padre Pio before leaving for America and was touched by Padre Pio
  • Read how Eube got the pillows from Padre Pio’s bed.
  • Learn why Eube started to give out the feathers from Padre Pio’s pillows
  • In the book. He talks about the people that he has met and stays in contact. They all had encounters and miracles from Padre Pio.
  • Eube has introduced me to all these people which we talk on the phone

I am fortunate to be one of the few people, along with other priests, that he gave these feathers to  to distribute to people as a symbol of Hope. I make prayer cards which contain these feathers.

As my gift to each person who purchases a book, I will autograph and include a prayer card. while supply of the feathers last.

I hope your heart is touched while reading the true stories of local people who were touched by the hand of Jesus through the intercessions of St. Padre Pio.

I received many positive responses to the book. Here is one that touches me the most.

I received a letter from “K” in Texas. She writes, “While I was in New Jersey I visited the Shrine and prayed on the glove relic and I purchased your book in the gift shop. After reading your book I reflected on my life and I must admit my religion and prayer have slipped greatly, but your book has brought me back to my religion and prayer being number one in my life again.  Also, I have a friend who is suffering from Alzheimer; please send him a prayer card and a copy of your book. Enclosed is my check.” Thanks “K”

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