Fantastic Sun Set at St. Padre Pio Shrine

On Wednesday evening May 25, 2016  the St. Padre Pio Prayer Group was celebrating St. Padre Pio’s birthday with a candle light procession with the Knights of Columbus honor guard, Rosary, inspirational words from Fr. Ariel, plenty of food, of course a birthday cake, and refreshments.

After the Rosary the sun was setting and created a beautiful glow of different colors and a beam of light directed to a statue of Our Blessed Mother.

Enjoy the picture.

Joseph A. Trapani


padre-pio-tree 1

St. Pio’s Angel in a Tree

June 16, 2016 was a dreary day, however I traveled to the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ to keep a vow that I made, and my friend accompanied me.  We have made this 30 minute trip several times before.

While at the Shrine I was walking from the Shrine monument to meet my friend when I saw a yellow glow coming from the tree that caught my eye. I looked closely and saw an angel.  At first I thought it was a statue.  I walked closer to the tree and the glow was gone and so was the statue image.  At first I thought that I was imagining things.

The closer I went I could see an image of an angel embedded in the tree. I reached in to touch it and it felt very cold. 

In an effort to check my sanity, I called my friend to see the tree as I wanted her unsolicited opinion.  My friend confirmed that she saw an image of an angel embedded in tree. Another woman nearby was asked to look at the tree and she also confirmed that she saw an image of an angel embedded in the tree.

Immediately I took out my cell phone and took a picture of the angel eimbedded in the tree trunk.  I was amazed and happy to validate that we were not imagining things.

By the way June 16th., is the anniversary date of St. Padre Pio’s Canonization.

I now call this angel, St. Pio’s Angel in the tree.

I believe that I was chosen to be the first person to see this angel as I am a member of St. Gabriel the Archangel Parish in Carney’s Point, NJ.

Marie Dandrea, founder of the Shrine, invites everyone to come and witness for themselves “St Pio’s Angel in the tree”  at the St. Padre Pio’s Shrine at Central Ave &  Harding Highway (Rte 40) in Landisville, NJ

Thank you for your time to read my experience of the first sighting of the St. Pio’s Angel in the tree. 

Yours truly,
Carmela S.
Careney’s Point, NJ

The thrift of the Holy Spirit

To use one article for many purposes

Several years ago IFeather cloud was writing the history of the Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ, when my friend Eube Cardone called and asked what I was doing this day. I replied, writing the history of the Shrine for the Shrine’s web-site. Eube remembered this and later asked if I would write his memoirs for his children. I agreed to do it for him, which I thought would be a very simple task.  However, while writing the stories I got goose bumps on my arms and a thought came in my head to put this in a book for very one to read the good work of our Lord Jesus thru the intercessions of Padre Pio. Why would I want to write a book when I am an accountant and writing was my poor suit? I felt that the Holy Spirit put this idea in my head. So with some spiritual and human help, I wrote the book entitled, “Touched by a Living Saint of Pietrelcina …St. Padre Pio.” All the proceeds are going to the Shrine.

The History of Shrine is included in the web-site. www.stpadrepioshrinenj.org

Copies of the History of the Shrine are placed at the Shrine for visitors to read and take.

The leader, Cindy Russo, of a St. Padre Pio Prayer Group in Cleveland, Ohio was vacationing in Atlantic City, and local parishioners told her about a St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ just less than 30 miles away. One night she got a feeling that she should visit the Shrine that the local parishioners mentioned.

This night was stormy and raining very hard, and she got lost several times. Finally, she found the Shrine, and it was pouring rain, her umbrella turned inside out.

She prayed at the Statue of St. Padre Pio, and then asked him why he had her go there on such a night. Then she noticed a rain soaked paper stuck to the statue. It was a copy of my History of the Shrine that I wrote for the web-site and on it is my web-site address which she was able to find my name and phone number. So she called me and left a message that she wanted to talk to me.

She told me her story how she met St. Padre Pio while vacationing in Italy, and that she planned to come back to NJ on a pilgrimage of 45 people to visit the Blue Army Shrine in Washington, NJ and onto the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Barto, PA.

She asked if my wife Ann and I would like to join them, and she read on the web-site that I wrote a book and if I would be bring some books with me and to be their guest speaker at the Saturday night dinner. Ann & I participated in the pilgrimage and had a very spiritual & enjoyable trip with many stories to tell.

As my gift to all the 45 people from Cleveland, Ohio, I gave them a St. Padre Pio Prayer Card relic containing feathers from his pillows. When they were ready to board their bus we were saying our goodbyes’, when someone said to look up at the sky, there was a large white cloud in the shape of the feather. We all experienced many goose bumps.

Father Ed had a camera with telescope lens, and took a picture of the cloud. Below is the picture of the feather cloud.

My journey with Cindy started with a rain soaked history of the Shrine paper and did not end at Barto, PA, but just started.

Cindy Russo, story

In the fall of 2010, Cindy and her husband, Joe Russo went on a cruise to Spain, France and Italy. A week before their departure, her cousin called to tell her that the cousin’s grandson Noah was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She asked her what she can do for him. She stated that they need a miracle for his prognosis was not good. She asked  to give her pictures of Noah and write on the back please pray for Noah as he battles cancer.

When they traveled in Europe, at every church she would place Noah’s picture on the altar, in a pew or light a candle for him along with prayers.

In Rome, they went to the Trevi Fountain. Like all other visitors they threw their coins in the fountain, She had a small empty plastic bottle in her purse, and she dipped it in the fountain as a souvenir .then she noticed a church there, and went to place a picture of Noah in the church.   She was greeted by a man in a black robe with a hood, a rope around his waist and a beard. She never has seen anyone dressed liked this so she assumed that is how the Italian priests dressed.

The priest looked at the tourist next to her and with meanest look and ordered him out of the church.  She got scared and thought perhaps she should not be here. As she took a step back the priest looked at her with his dark brown eyes. All of a sudden through the floor a force of fire and electricity entered her body. She did not know how to handle this let alone know what was happening.

Floods of tears overwhelmed her. She gave him a picture of Noah and asked him to pray for him because he is very sick. The priest took her hand and walked to the holy water fount. He blessed her three times with holy water. Then he blessed Noah’s picture and put in his pocket of the robe.  He spoke in Italian but for some reason she was able to understand him. He told her not to cry. He told her Noah will be healed. Today, Noah is healed and doing well.

Later, Cindy and her husband were in a religious gift shop, when she saw a picture on the wall, and told her husband that is the priest that blessed her. He said that not just a priest, he is a Saint; that is St. Padre Pio and he has been dead for several years.

St. Padre Pio is still in Cindy’s life, as her St. Padre Pio Prayer Group in Cleveland, Ohio continues to grow and many experiences with St. Pio.

The little plastic bottle of water from Trevi fountain is now Holy Water as it was on her while she was blessed three time by St. Padre Pio. Cindy tells me that she invites people to dip their Rosary beads, some people pour water to bless themselves, and the amount of water maintains at the same level and as original.

I had the privilege of holding the little plastic bottle containing water from Trevi fountain which is now Holy Water while people at the St. Padre Pio Parish Festival dipped their Rosary beads and blessed themselves.

It is amazing how one little article can get you to meet many wonderful people.  Thank you, Holy Spirit.

Joseph A. Trapani

Our baby is here today… Thanks to St Padre Pio’s Intercession

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to let you know that it is our belief that Padre Pio’s intercession made it possible for our baby boy to be here with us today.

During my pregnancy one of my blood tests came back with a deadly genetic disorder possible. At that time my husband and I decided not to go on with any further testing because being a Catholic I would never have terminated the pregnancy and we were also told that there was a chance that the results were incorrect. We both agreed to go ahead with the pregnancy and even if we only had minutes with our child then it would be the best few minutes of our life. The pregnancy went fairly well, I suffered from extreme high blood pressure and was on disability and much rest. Our baby boy, Matthew (Gift of God), was born on October 4, 2005. He had a very low birth weight, congenital cataracts in both eyes, and many signs of the genetic disease (trisomy 18 or Edwards Syndrome) that had shown up in the previous noted blood test. He was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where he was evaluated. A well-known and respected genetic doctor examined and confirmed our greatest fear…. Matthew undoubtedly had signs of Trisomy 18 and we were told that the test to confirm this diagnosis would take 72 hours to grow his DNA. We were also told to prepare for the worse and may never take Matthew home. Family, as well as our friends, and we were devastated. My brother took a picture of Matthew, taken on the day he was born, to the Padre Pio Shrine in Buena, New Jersey. He said a few prayers and was going to leave the picture there for others to pray for Matthew. A keeper of the Shrine asked why he was there and he explained. She then took Matthew’s picture and placed it on the relic kept at the shrine. She instructed him to take the picture back to the baby and place it on him. We did this as well as say the prayer and novena prayed by Padre Pio every chance we got. We prayed to Padre Pio to have mercy on such a small baby and help him in any way possible. We knew that Matthew fate was now in God’s hands and prayed for a miracle. After the longest 72 hours of our life we met with the genetic doctor. Much to her surprise Matthew’s DNA was completely free of any Trisomies. She herself could not believe the results. We received our miracle. He has had surgery to remove the cataracts in his eyes and the doctors and very optimistic that his vision will be normal. Matthew has since visited the shrine to show our faith and gratitude. He still has a few more mountains to conquer but somehow I know that there is someone looking out for him and keeping him safe and strong. We are extremely thankful to have our son with us and so are his older brother and sister. We still pray to Padre Pio for guidance thru Matthew’s tests and surgeries and I know that he has been with Matthew.

I wanted you to know our story so that it may give others hope in times of despair.

Karen & Michael Scott
Estell Manor


My husband and I wanted a second child, however, I was diagnosed as having cervical cancer and was told not to get pregnant. I would need a hysterectomy right away because the cancer is very invasive. After seeing several doctors and them telling me the same thing, I found out that I was pregnant. The doctors told me that it would be fatal for me to continue my pregnancy. I was determined to have this child and we prayed with the Wednesday night Rosary Prayer group at the Shrine, we prayed on St. Pio’s relics for his intercession.

Each time I went to another doctor to get an opinion to find out how I could get treatment and save my baby, the doctors kept referring to my baby as “it”. “It” will not live. “It” will not be normal. I was so upset because, “it” was a person. I told them that “It” was my baby. They told me that I was lucky as I have one child already, and I told them that including my pregnancy I have 2 children. If I don’t fight for my baby, then who would. I would die for my children. I also told the doctors if they had nothing positive to say then keep it to themselves. I kept telling myself that I got pregnant for a reason and God would not let me get pregnant so I would kill this baby to save myself. I felt that God would help me and my child survive.

After seeing five doctors who all said the same thing, “abort the baby or you will die -there is no way you can go nine months and save the baby or yourself”. The odds were not in my favor. I found a doctor to perform surgery on me to see how invasive the cancer was. This was against the doctor’s better judgment. Again, I had some hope. So, at thirteen weeks, I had surgery. Three days later I received a call from the doctor telling me that the cancer is nine millimeters in depth and over 32 millimeters in length. We had evidence that this might spread. The doctor said you have to get a hysterectomy right away, as the baby will die. I was devastated. I then asked the doctor, if I want to try and have the baby, would she help me. She replied, “The baby would not make it, nor would you”. “You would have to find another doctor”. So, my husband found a doctor in NY that would take my case. I feel that God sent him to me. We traveled three and half-hours to the doctor every two weeks; this was not easy as there were many setbacks and heartbreaks.

This one incident, the baby doctor called me to tell me that my blood work came back and I am very sorry but the baby has Down syndrome. I was stunned. I asked the doctor, how could this be? She told me that this happens to woman in there 30’s that are at risk. She asked me what I wanted to do. I stopped to think and regroup. I told her that the test is wrong. When I went to get my blood work, I saw on the paper the wrong due date written in by her office. She said, “Really, wait a second and let me call you back. After waiting about a half hour, she called and said, “I am so sorry, we reran the test and the baby is fine.

My faith was tested again. I remember getting the test results not once, but twice, that the medicine to help mature the baby’s lungs for delivery, did not work. I just broke down and cried, why is this happening? I kept reminding myself, God has a plan and there is a reason for this. This is what gave me strength to keep going.

My doctors were real worried about me as I was the only woman to have gone the longest with cervical cancer and being pregnant. That is why I wanted to take the baby as earliest as possible. My doctor said, “We can not wait any longer”. In two weeks we will take the baby at 37 weeks and hope the baby’s lungs will be O.K.”.

Then finally, the baby starting breathing properly and on January 29, 2003 I gave birth to a healthy 6 lb. 10 oz baby girl. We named her Madison Pio Avena. My husband and I were so overjoyed; words cannot express how we felt. The long journey of waiting was finally over and Madison was here.

My cancer stayed in remission all during the pregnancy and then was removed. Now, I am cancer free and I have my second child that I hoped and prayed for. I feel that my prayers were heard and guided by St. Padre Pio’s intercession. I knew his presence was with me through this long ordeal.

My doctor in New York is writing this case in the medical journal for other doctors to study this case in hope that it will help other women. Also, documents are being sent to Rome to review this case for the classification as one of St. Padre Pio’s miracles.

I hope my story will give hope to many who are giving up and losing hope. I was given two miracles, 1) I was saved. 2) Madison Pio was given a chance to live. I never lost hope and I never doubted my faith. I thank God everyday for one more day at life and I look at my children and I feel so blessed to be able to be here with them and them for me.

My husband and I are forever thankful to our Dear Lord for his blessings and St. Padre Pio’s and Our Blessed Mother for their intercessions.

Remember never give up. If you have your faith, you have everything.

Trisha Avena

Meet Madison Pio Avena in her Christening outfit.


This is the most remarkable story of my life. I became a Catholic within a year. I was not going to Mass. I was not real strong in my faith. I am a construction worker and work many long hours, in an environment of loose language.

This one night I was going to dinner with my wife and nine year old year daughter, I turned down some country road and was kind of lost. Then I saw this sign, “future home of Padre Pio”. I have a friend, who 30 years ago told me about him. I told my wife Diane, “Look this is the fellow that my friend talks about”. We went to dinner and on the way back we saw three people in a field and I told my wife that I was going to stop and see these people. My wife questioned me why I wanted to stop here, and I replied that I just want to stop here. When I pulled up, they were just finishing the Rosary, which I have never said in my life. They looked up at me and asked, “Are you a construction worker”? I said yes, this is what I do, and they all got excited. I was thinking… why did they get so excited? They told me that they had a fellow that was going to help them with the Shrine and now he is having problems and cannot help them. They asked would you help us with the Shrine. I replied, I think I can help you, and at that, my wife looked at me like I was crazy. They needed help which would cost tens of thousands of dollars, which I do not have. I said I think I can help you, and at that time the whole field lit up with the smell of incense*. It was so strong that it frightened my daughter and lasted for about 10 seconds.

These people were so excited that they ran to their car to give me some blueprints. When I returned to my car my wife said “are you crazy, do you know what you have just done, you told those people that you were going to help them”. How are we going to help them, we do not have that kind of money. I said that I don’t know, but when we get home, I would like you to write a letter to my employer, who is a large contractor. I may have seen him once or twice in a year and he does not know me. I took the letter to work with me and I told a fellow worker what happened to me, and he agreed to call the big boss’s secretary and within three hours the big boss was standing in front of me. He had no idea as to what I wanted, so I told him what had happened to me and I showed him the blue- prints and he looked up at me and asked, ” Did it smell like roses”? * I told him, no, it was like incense. He said give me three days to look over these blueprints.

Within three days he called the founders of the Shrine, Pete and Marie, and told them that he could build the monument and don’t worry it will not cost them anything.

This was an eight-month journey in building the monument and Padre Pio was in my life every day. My brother’s son had leukemia and they were looking for a bone marrow match. For several months my daughter has been praying to Padre Pio to help her cousin. My brother told me that they found nine or ten matches, at which every one was elated, with this good news. The doctor took tests before they would start the bone marrow transfer, and to their surprise, they could not find any signs of leukemia and therefore the bone marrow transfer was not necessary. This is how my life has changed, and through Padre Pio has brought these things to light. I started going to Mass regularly; I now see how rich the Catholic faith is. Padre Pio has changed my life.

* Indicates the presents of St. Padre Pio
John Stahl


My brother Raymond, who lives in Florida, is a diabetic and was in need of a kidney transplant. The doctors told him that the waiting list for a kidney would be about one year. However, two years later, still no word as to when a kidney would be available. Things got very bad for Raymond, he was so weak that he could no longer walk and therefore was in a wheelchair.

I received a call from my sister-in-law that Raymond’s condition continued to worsen and that he was seriously ill. On Saturday morning my mother, my husband and I went to the St. Padre Pio Shrine in Landisville, NJ to pray to St. Padre Pio for his intercession to help Raymond. The next Tuesday morning they called to tell Raymond that he was seventh on the list. On Tuesday afternoon they kept calling him telling him he was number six. Then, later that afternoon they call and said the he was number five, then another call he was fourth and then third, and second, then finally, on Tuesday evening he received the kidney.

The doctors said that operation went along beautifully and to the doctor’s surprise, the kidney started functioning before the operation was completed. Raymond is doing very well, thanks to Our Lord for answering the prayers of St. Padre Pio, through his intercession and our prayers to St. Padre Pio to help my brother.

Maria A. Morawski

It Works. ……Prayers are answered

Please have faith in St. Padre Pio. I prayed to St. Padre Pio faithfully as my breast cancer that had returned. I prayed so hard, that the cancer would not spread to my lymph system.

My prayers were answered. My latest biopsy test was clear. And now, I am just receiving radiation.

I will always be grateful to our Lord and the intercession of St. Padre Pio and spread the word to keep praying for his help. You must keep praying.

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